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I was 4, 16, and 18 when I was sexually assaulted. I know you might be wondering why so many ages but I was unfortunately hit with a lot of bad luck and was assaulted various times.  I am currently 28 and I knew two of them but the last one I just met during a double date gone wrong. My parents were informed about all three. The incident at 16 and 18 was first told to friends and I did go to court for the one at 16 but he was not charged :-(. The incident at 4 occurred at my family home where I was born, Freetown, Sierra Leone. My nanny caught the guy and things are a bit different overseas so my father just too, care of the guy (not physically but told him off).  The incident at 18 happened a wk before I left for military boot camp by a guy I had been dating on and off. I wanted to press charges but my ,other convinced me not to since I had already went through a few years prior.

I do believe they are all capable of doing it again especially the pedophile but I also believe that if Jesus enters someone heart they can change for better. Or they may curve those impulses some other way.  Initially it was hard to heal and it affected how I view men afterwards. I felt so lost and vulnerable but still yearned for a man's love. I later joined a church and healed through my faith in Christ, reading and studying the Bible about healing, family support and mainly forgiveness.  I now want to share my story to help other people know that they don't have to be victims anymore but survivors. Forgiveness is key to the healing process and surrounding yourself with supportive and loving people who sympathize and empathize with you is also key.