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How old were you at the time of the assault? I was 23 years old. Now I am 33 years old.

Where did the assault occur? The assault happened on the side of the road on 495 in Rockville, MD., I lived in Fairfax, VA

Did you know your attacker? I didn't know the assaulter. He was a serial rapist looking for a victim. 

Do you think they will commit sexual assault again? YES, he will. I was his 3rd KNOWN victim.

 Did you tell anyone about the assault (s) at the time, Did the assault (s) go to a court trial?, Was there a sentencing?, 

The police were called. I had a rape kit completed. I told investigators and detectives and police all I could remember.  My story was on the news as the Beltway Rapist. Would be Good Samaritan, etc. The rape went to trial 3 TIMES! The first 2 times the attacker was found guilty of second degree rape and was sentenced to 20 years. The 3rd time the jury found him not guilty and released him. The reason that I had 3 trials was because of appeals. The appeals were granted because of jury instruction and witness qualifications. I testified all 3 times. The first time I stood up and read a victim impact statement. The last time, (though he was found not guilty of rape, they found him guilty of assault and let him go based on time served) I read another victim impact statement in which I declared the truth....that he did in fact rape me.

 What would you like to say to people about sexual assault? What is your story? How have you healed since the assault?

Although I felt like all was lost when they let my attacker go free, I did keep him in jail for over 7 years, which I have come to realize is 7 years longer than most victims. I also contribute a lot of my healing to the fact that I spoke out and used my voice in the court room to heal, to empower myself and stand up for my rights. I am also writing a book named Testify. It details my attack, the 3 trials and my path back to normalcy.

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